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How to Clean the Kitchen Oil?

Jan. 09, 2020

The biggest impact of the kitchen is that it is contaminated by oil smoke. The oil stains produced are dark and the effect is very ugly. We all need a very dry and clean kitchen. The kitchen has been used for a long time, and it will inevitably be greasy! How can you feel the oil in the kitchen clean? The following Oil Removal Cleaner Supplier can tell you a few methods.

The first trick: use sodium hydroxide to heat the water, use a rag to clean the smoking machine, all the stainless steel or plastic materials that can be removed in the kitchen, and just put it in the sodium hydroxide warming water for a while, you can easily brush Clean, you can clean the oil. Do not use sodium hydroxide, remember to bring dry mouth, gloves, it is best to bring glasses.

The second small trick: If you clean it daily, you can use the kitchen wipes directly, and wipe wherever you are dirty! Generally speaking, first wipe it with a rag, then use a wet wipe, whether it is cleaning the range hood or daily maintenance, it is very practical.

The third trick: use oily cleaners. There are many types of cleaners. Kitchen Oil Stain Clean Powder is commonly used. You can choose the one that suits your own needs according to your daily needs! The effect of oily detergent is very practical. It is enough to do deep cleaning once a week. First clean the place that needs to be cleaned and apply it for half an hour before brushing. It can basically achieve a new look, especially the oven and the pan are very effective. of.

Kitchen Oil Stain Clean Powder

Kitchen Oil Stain Clean Powder

The fourth small trick: practical baking soda hot water, this method can be used to clean the home with machine hood year round. As long as there is a large enough container, you can put the oily and greasy stuff into the bubble, and the other parts can be wiped directly with a rag dipped in water, which is practical and very environmentally friendly.

Fifth small trick: put two paper towels in the hood oil box and throw them away if they are dirty. Newspapers can be used on the top of the cabinet, which can be replaced when dirty, and can also prevent oil pollution.

The sixth trick: After each time the tiles are cleaned, the detergent and water are mixed and sprayed evenly on the tiles, or on the stove, range hood and other places that are easy to get oily. It will be very easy to get out of bed and wipe.

The seventh small trick: put a worry-free oil cup in the box of the range hood, and put a mixture of detergent and water in it, plus a layer of film. If there is no worry about the oil cup, just add it, or just mentioned the use of paper towels is also possible.

The eighth trick: You can put tin foil on the stove top, and you can change it when it is dirty, which is very convenient to use.

The ninth small trick: use plastic wrap, wrap plastic wrap on the surface of the range hood, and use a new one after getting dirty for a while. The vertical wall of the cooktop can also be covered with cling film, so the oil will not splash on the wall when cooking!

The tenth trick: toothpaste can play a very good role in cleaning oil, and it is very practical.

The above are ten very practical tips introduced by 360 Detergent Scale Supplier. We better clean the kitchen immediately after cooking every day. As long as the kitchen is cleaned every day, there will be no oil pollution. The range hood is disassembled and cleaned once a week regularly, and the wall or stove should be wiped every day.

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