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Clean Up the Kitchen Oil

Feb. 29, 2020

Cleaning the kitchen is a costly and laborious task. Cleaners on the market are more expensive than one. If you don't use cleaning agents, those stains that are difficult to clean in the kitchen will always be a big trouble to take care of. In fact, most of the kitchen stains that are particularly difficult to handle can be solved in a more affordable way.

The following Oil Removal Cleaner Supplier can introduce several methods that can easily remove oil from the kitchen.

Everyone must have read a lot of suggestions, most of them are things like white vinegar soda powder. Although it looks tedious, these things are really useful, and it can be applied to most kitchen cleaning activities by constantly adjusting the proportions.

Let's talk about how to use these two effective substances for cleaning in specific situations. Non-stick pan is very practical, but its coating is relatively fragile. When you are awake, if you use those relatively rough things, these coatings will be damaged quickly. In fact, it is very convenient to clean this pot. In most cases, it only needs to be washed with water or wiped with kitchen paper. The oil will not stick to the bottom of the pot at all, and it will maintain a state of oil droplets to clean it easily.

If there are really some dirty things sticking to the bottom of the pot, just pour some vinegar in it and let it clear for a while. The weak acidity in vinegar does not cause any harm to non-stick pans.

Sometimes if you put too much oil in the cooking process, these oils may spill on the stove top or the edge of the pot during cooking. The pot edge is a relatively difficult place to clean, because everyone's pots are generally large, and it is difficult for ordinary sinks to put the entire pot in. If the pot is directly flushed with water, the water will likely splash directly on the floor and require secondary cleaning. In fact, it is very easy to clean the pot edge. When you find a greasy place, put a rag on it and pour some vinegar on it. Then wipe it vigorously and quickly clean it up. If you want an easier and effective method, you can use OEM Kitchen Cleaner Powder.


OEM Kitchen Cleaner Powder

If you don't put enough oil in the cooking process, or if the firepower is too large, the bottom of the pot is likely to be mushy. These things will stick to the bottom of the pot tightly, it is difficult to shovel them down with a shovel, and there is also some oil in it. At this time, it is recommended to use vinegar and sugar, mix the two materials together, add some water and heat to boiling. Because sugar can adsorb some oily dirt, it is easy to clean them up.

After encountering some special ingredients, such as onions or peppercorns, their smell will stay in the pot for a while. If you cook soup during this time, the taste will affect the quality of the soup, and even the cooking will affect the taste of the dish.

How can we solve the effect of this taste on the pot? The answer is still vinegar. This kind of thing is a magical existence in the kitchen, there are countless uses, soak in some vinegar for a while to directly remove this odor. Although the taste of vinegar is also strong, this taste does not last for long. In addition, if you want to clean the water dispenser or kettle, you can use the non-toxic and harmless Water Scale Cleaner Detergent.

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